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Author Topic: Trialists, NB, PVT if u want to improve READ HERE  (Read 258 times)

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Trialists, NB, PVT if u want to improve READ HERE
« on: 24 June 2018, 16:40:53 »
I creat this Topic for trying to help the trialists, the NB, the PVT and making them improving. I resume the rules, we can give them advices if  they want to have a better "skill". Everybody can participate and i hope the players concern by this topic r registered in forum.

1 /   WHAT IS A CAMP ??

A camp it's when you don't move, if by example u stay more than 3 secondes in the same place without moving u r camping. In general the campers r also shooting and killing the members of the opposite team. CAMPING ISNT ALLOWED ON THE SERVER.  For being a true "Warrior"  and having a better "skill" don't camp.

The window nading is allowed in all the maps BUT don't throw a nade inside the spawn by example at FoodWall.


This MY point of view : You imagine a  5 m circle around the vip, if u r inside or at the border of this circle it's OK.  If u see u r far from this ZONE, u must coming-back near the vip.
By example at Brewer if the vip is arrested at the backway door nXt to  the phones  you can't camp at the 2nd backway door or at the metal detectors.


You spawnade when u throw a nade ( sting, gas or flash) inside the room or the place where the teams respawn. The spawnading isn't allowed. Vip there or not u can't spawnade.


You spawnkill when u shoot and kill a sus / or a swat guy when he is inside his spawn. You can spawnkill ONLY if the vip is with you. The vip / the sus / the swat CANT ENTER INSIDE THE SPAWN OF THE OPPOSITE TEAM.

If u enter in a spawn when the opposite team respawn u got 2 choices :

1 / leaving the spawn the most faster as possible

2 / leaving them ( sus or swat ) killing you

if you open the fire  on a team when this team respawn an ADMIN CAN TAKE YOUR WEAPONS.

6 /  THE VIP

In each maps the vip got the choice between 2 ways : the frontway and the backway. When the round start the vip MUST know which way he will using and he must report to his team if he takes the front or the backway. During the round, the vip got the choice again between : the exit frontway and the exit backway ITS VRY IMPORTANT to report which of this way you will using.

[size=18]When the vip is arrested[/size], he MUST report his location[size=18] ITS VRY IMPORTANT [/size]( front, back, exit, outside, exit front, exit back, front stairs, back stairs, office, outside cat, laundry, garage, roof, red van, B side, A side, balcony, bar, WC, lobby, detectors, dark room, reception, pools, games, video games, kitchen, server room, meat room, storage, front door, back door...)

The vip MUST report if he's injured or not and the severity of his injury, if the vip is all red his teamates MUST know it for using the good nade.

If the vip isn't injured he MUST report to his mates which nades they must using agains't the sus who r around the vip.
for helping his teamates, the vip MUST move to the most closer door and blocking the doorway without moving.

When the vip is at exit he can't wait his teamates for a pic it's useless and if the sus nade the exit and arrest the vip your teamates will b vry a bit angry, when u r at exit the vip MUST finnish the round immediatly.

If i say something wrong PLS correct me. Soon i will add things about the good moves to knows if u want bros u can start adding reply about the "special moves" or  about the the "old tricks" and the attitude the vip must have during the play[/col